It just didn't work, although there are a number of desperate NFL teams.

Pats Cut Tebow. Is Canada Next?

 Saturday morning, the New England Patriots released inaccurate, lefthanded quarterback Tim Tebow. It’s likely, although not a guarantee, that New England was Tebow’s last stop in the National Football League.

Granted, the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and yes, Tebow’s team from 2012, the New York Jets, need help at quarterback.

Tim Tebow: Could he come to Canada? Winnipeg?

Tim Tebow: Could he come to Canada? Winnipeg?

In fact, the Bills, Vikings and Browns are downright desperate.

Still, unless somebody is ready to give Tebow a shot after the Broncos, Jets and Patriots couldn’t use him (and, remember, he took an up-and-coming yet not-very-good Broncos team to the playoffs in 2011), it’s very likely that that touchdown pass he threw last Thursday night was the last NFL pass he’ll ever throw.

Which brings Mr. Tebow to a crossroads. Does he do what he was destined to do and become an evangelical minister? Or does he keep trying to play professional football and move to Canada?

Warren Moon says Tebow doesn’t throw well enough to play in the CFL. Doug Flutie says he should try because if there is one thing about the CFL it’s this: You have to throw the ball more than you run the ball and if you’re ever going to develop as a passer, the CFL is the place for it.

Tebow, at 26, needs to answer two questions: Can he take the pay cut to play in the CFL and if he does come north, who would have him?

Tebow: They just couldn't coach him up.

Tebow: They just couldn’t coach him up.

Well, the Montreal Alouettes have long had Tebow’s name on their neg list and it’s likely they’d give him a shot. Anthony Calvillo is 41 and just about done. Josh Nieswander can’t play a lick. Tanner Marsh won despite seven turnovers in his debut. Troy Smith is on the team but there is no sense he’s going to play anytime soon.

Tebow would look good in Montreal.

There is a chance, however, that Montreal wouldn’t want him. Maybe Montreal isn’t interested in negotiating for a guy who won’t come cheap. So trade him to the team that believes it has a quarterback problem – Winnipeg.

That might be the right fit. He wouldn’t have to throw that often because in Winnipeg, a quarterback has no time to throw. In Winnipeg, if a quarterback can’t run, he’ll be killed. The Bombers have the worst offensive line in CFL history. It allowed Buck Pierce to be seriously injured on a number of occasions. It allowed Max Hall to be hurt in his first start. It’s downright horrendous.

So with Tebow’s ability to play like a fullback, Winnipeg might be a good fit.

Then again, Tebow won’t come cheap, and if any team in the CFL is cheap, it’s Winnipeg.

Frankly, Tebow should start his ministry. There is absolutely no doubt that he will, one day, be a powerful voice in American religion and politics. And if Joel Osteen can become wealthier than most successful corporate CEOs in the United States, there is little doubt Tebow’s real future is likely standing at the front of  some TV mega-church in the Florida woods.


It just didn't work, although there are a number of desperate NFL teams.

It just didn’t work, although there are a number of desperate NFL teams.

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