Excuse me, Jacoby. Mr. Tomlin, that will be $100,000.

NFL Thursday Week 14: A Gorgeous Night for a Football Game

By Scott Taylor and Dave Petrishen

JACKSONVILLE – It’s been quite a week in the National Football League:

(a) Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was fined $100,000 by the league for going near the field and interfering with Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones. The league might even mess with Pittsburgh’s draft choices in 2014. Trouble was, the official who was right on top of the play, failed to throw a flag on Tomlin. The officiating crew will be downgraded, as a result. Somehow, there seems to be more to that than just incompetence.

Excuse me, Jacoby. Mr. Tomlin, that will be $100,000.

Excuse me, Jacoby. Mr. Tomlin, that will be $100,000.

(b) Washington wide receiver Santana Moss told the Washington Post that the officiating in the NFL has “probably been worse the whole year as a total.” Nobody argued.

(c) The NFL fined Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook $26,250 for making contact with an official during Sunday’s overtime win against the Chicago Bears. Cook didn’t just make contact, he grabbed the guy by the shirt. The official was so shocked that somebody grabbed him, he thought he still owed his bookie.

(d) A letter ripping the team nickname, signed by 61 U.S. religious leaders mostly from D.C. will be sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Daniel Snyder. The name offends people, but Snyder is too stubborn (and dumb) to change it. Think about this: If Snyder changed the name, he’d make millions in jersey sales alone. This is the definition of stupid: Just to be stubborn, Daniel Snyder will offend people and throw away big money at the same time. The guy’s an idiot.

It’s a beautiful night in Jacksonville for a bad football game. The 2-10 Houston Texans will face the 3-9 Jags in a game that appears to be so meaningless, it barely even touches the radar at Jacksonville’s Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

That assumption would be wrong. Right now, Houston has the No. 1 draft pick while the Jags are No. 2. This game will have incredible implications come next spring. It’s “The 2014 No. 1 Draft Pick Game.” How exciting.

As goofy as it was for the NFL this week, it was a fine week for our two prognosticators.

Last week Dr. Football went 11-5 (124-68) straight up and 8-8 (93-99) against the spread. After a 3-0 Thursday start, The Coach was 12-4 (125-67) straight up and 10-6 (100-92) against the spread.

This week, the Doc doesn’t write very much while the Coach just laughs and wonders how Houston became a road favorite.

Houston Texans (2-10) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) 
Line: Texans by 3.

I’d rather watch Carrie Underwood in “The Sound of Music Live” on NBC than this stinkeroo. How the Texans became three-point favorites in this one is anyone’s guess. The Coach says: On the bright side, the weather here in Florida is great. It will be a gorgeous night for the game so the Jags might sell a couple of tickets.



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