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NFL Thursday Nighter: Not as Bad as You Might Think

TAMPA – This week, Miami Dolphins players have been abuzz. They’re all excited about how their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, made a brilliant tackle on Tennessee Titans linebacker Zach Brown. In fact, one player suggested, “It was our best play of the game.”

As anyone who follows the NFL — even casually — knows, the Dolphins were ripped 37-3 at home by the Titans last week. Tannehill threw three interceptions, but he also demonstrated an important skill set for a QB who throws the ball to the other team – he can tackle.

Ryan Tannehill, tackler

“Ryan showed some speed,” tight end Anthony Fasano told the Associated Press. “He wrapped his arms around him and kind of twisted him down. It was impressive. Maybe we should get him on some special teams.”

Couldn’t hurt.

“I shouldn’t be making the tackle; that’s my fault to begin with,” Tannehill told the AP. “At that point, there was a lot of adrenaline and anger built up, so it’s not too hard.”

Tannehill shouldn’t have to make tackles and he’d better not make any this Thursday night when the 4-5 Dolphins leave the friendly confines of Sun Life Stadium and head to Buffalo to face the 3-6 Bills in what will likely be a cold, wet evening for football.

After that ugly mess against the Titans last Sunday, it’s hard to imagine the Dolphins will be much of a test for the Bills, but remember, this is the Bills. So far this year, a game against Taylor Swift’s band would be a test for the Bills.

This week’s Thursday Nighter is not what anyone would call, “a great football game.” Some critics have called it a snorefest, but I disagree. When you get two great teams together, it’s usually a good football game, but when two mediocre teams go head-to-head, it can be as entertaining as hell. After all, if you’ve watched the CFL and realized how exciting that can be, you come to the conclusion that while bad football is still bad football, when two teams compete, lots of exciting things happen.

Miami’s Reggie Bush

Or, so goes the theory.

Anyway, last week our boys were about as mediocre as a Dolphins-Bills game.

Last week the Doc went 8-6 (91-55) straight up and 7-7 against the spread (68-78). The Coach went 8-6 (91-55) straight up and 6-8 against the spread (68-78).

Week 11 in the NFL starts on Thursday. As always, The Doc writes our assessments while The Coach eats pizza and snorts:


C.J. Spiller

Miami Dolphins (4-5) at Buffalo Bills (3-6) 
Line: Bills by 1.5.

This AFC East match up used to mean something a long time ago but now it’s just a game between two teams that never seem to amount to much. The Dolphins have provided a few flashes of brilliance in their four wins, but now find themselves without a TD in their last six quarters of football. It is supposed to be a cold night in Buffalo, and that will be the Bills big advantage. The Coach says: “Not as bad as the critics think, but not good enough to miss Big Bang Theory.”



Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

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