Tom Brady

NFL Super Bowl Pick: We Like The Pats

By The Coach and Dr. Football

On TV yesterday: A sports memorabilia expert said a football used in the Super Bowl could sell for one million dollars. That’s before adjusting for inflation. Bwahahahaha! It’s the Super Bowl folks, They’re finally going to do it. The National Football League will play Super Bowl LXIX in about a half an hour at Phoenix University Stadium in Glendale Ariz.

After a week of little more than deflated football talk and Marshawn Lynch mocking the media (some of those donkeys deserved to be mocked), it’s actually time to play football. (By the way, if there were 11 deflated footballs in the AFC Championship game, how did all those officials miss them?).

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

If I was going to walk up to my favorite window at the Mirage Sports Book in Vegas, it would happen now. And it wouldn’t take much to make to go either way. These two teams are incredibly well matched. This game is a pick ‘em. Either one of these teams could win by three points or by three touchdowns.

It will depend on turnovers, officiating and well, officiating. All season long, the officials have been the keys to outcomes. In the playoffs, the officials were the difference for Dallas in its win over Detroit and Green Bay in its win over Dallas. It’s likely the Super Bowl could hinge on a controversial call. Let’s hope not, but if history is our guide, there is good chance it will happen.

This one is about Tom Brady’s legacy or Seattle’s entrance into the game’s great dynasties – four in a career vs. two straight.

Marshawn Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch.

Everyone expects it to be a remarkable game. If nothing else, let’s hope it ends the silly discussions about Marshawn Lynch’s attitude or Bill Belichick’s decision to suck the air out of 11 footballs.

The Coach writes this week’s rationalization. Dr. Football just makes jokes and is all-in for New England.

Let’s look closely at Super Bowl LXIX:

Sunday Night

Super Bowl LXIX

New England Patriots (AFC Champions) vs. Seattle Seahawks (NFC Champions) 
Line: Pick ‘Em

Sure, the Seahawks have brash (Richard Sherman), brains (Russell Wilson) and bash (Marshawn Lynch), but they don’t have Tom Brady. The Seahawks needed a Green Bay Packers collapse IN Seattle to get to the big game. The Patriots simply demolished Indianapolis (45-7) in the AFC Championship game. Sure, Brady has lost the last two Super Bowls in which he’s played, but that was then. This is now. He’s 37 and might be running out of time in his quest to tie San Francisco’s Joe Montana and Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl championships. Of course, with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman to throw to, he certainly has targets. Gronkowski is 6-foot-6, 265 pounds with great hands and a fearless approach to running down defensive backs. Brady also has LaGarrette Blount to run the football. He might not be Beast Mode Lynch, but he’s pretty good. There is nothing wrong with the ‘Hawks. That’s a great football team and that’s why this game started with Seattle as point-and-a-half favorites moved to New England by a point-and-a-half and needed as a pick ‘em. We’re taking the Pats because this will be Tom Brady’s Swan Song. And it will be a great one.

Dr. Football: Take the Patriots.

The Coach: Take the Patriots.

The Pats' Julian Edelman will be a force.

The Pats’ little Julian Edelman will be a force.

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