The final four

NFL Conference Finals: Two Great Games

By Scott Taylor and Dave Petrishen

As one looks closely at this week’s upcoming National Football League Conference finals, one can only wonder what the last 4 ½ months were about.

After all, this year’s Final Four is one of the best Final Fours in recent memory. From about the midway point in November, these were the four best teams in professional football and it’s only right they meet in the Super Bowl semifinals.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

It’s also a collection of the four most proficient quarterbacks in the game – Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the AFC and Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson in the NFC.

Both games will be a matchup of one team’s wideouts against the other team’s secondary. The New England secondary has to find a way to shut down Manning while Seattle’s Richard Sherman, the best corner (and maybe the best defensive player in the NFC) has to shut down the Niners Michael Crabtree (or Anquan Boldin).

It’s going to be a spectacular Sunday and our boys are ready.

Last week, the Doc went 4-0 straight up (156-92) and 4-0 against the spread (121-127). The Coach went 3-1 straight up (159-89) and 2-2 against the spread (128-118).

This week, the Doc writes our ongoing brilliant prognostications while the Coach drinks Coke Zero and smiles.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

San Francisco 49ers (14-4) at Seattle Seahawks (14-3) 
Line: Seahawks by 3.5

Great match up: Maybe the best of the year in the NFC. The Niners and the Seahawks are pretty much evenly matched, but this is in Seattle, where the Seahawks play tremendous football behind that loud, proud crowd. However, the 49ers destroyed Green Bay after no one (including me) gave them a chance and when all the odds were against them. Again no one is giving them a chance in Seattle. Those hippies like that, and they’ll prove it on Sunday. The Coach says: Not only do the Seahawks have that loud, proud crowd behind them along with an outstanding defense, they also have the officials in their pockets. This week, however, it’s hard to imagine the Niners will let anything get in their way. Since Michael Crabtree returned at wideout, the 49ers have gone 7-0.

The Doc: TAKE THE 49ers TO WIN.

The Coach: TAKE THE 49ers TO WIN.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

New England Patriots (13-4) at Denver Broncos (14-3) 
Line: Broncos by 5.5.

Peyton definitely has the advantage in his own building, but we all know Tom Brady will keep it interesting. It was nice that Peyton had deflected all that “he can’t win the big one” talk with that Omaha nonsense…Omaha, Sheboygan, Kissimmee, Kenora, it doesn’t matter…he will beat the Patriots. The Coach says: All the pressure is on the Broncos. This will be one of the great games of the year and one of the greatest quarterbacking matchups ever.



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